BotFlo was previously called Mining Business Data. That is why you see references to MBD.

I am not so sure whether this course is helpful for me to design my chatbot for my students to practice their foreign language oral skills. Since I checked some dialogflow courses from udemy and Coursera, my negative feedback from students. Therefore I am scared to enroll any of them from their website.

I think Aravind really did a great job to introduce dialogflow to people like me, without programming background. He organizes his course in very clear manner since I have been a college professor for 20 years. It is very easy for me to recognize how great Aravind's course is! Very use-friend and very easy to follow. He doesn't have any strong accent when he gives the lectures. It is so easy for me to understand. Really appreciate it.

Features I liked about the course: As I mentioned above: 1) first organized 2) easy to follow; 3) good examples to do hands on practice; 4) clear explain.

Other benefits of this course: 1) I understand how to design intent, entitles; 2) I even created my own chatbot after watch Aravind's videos; 3) I finally know how to use the function of context after completing this course.

Yes, I will strongly recommend this course because even I can learn how to design chatbot (no programming background) after studying Avarind's course, you definitely can!

Ann Cai

Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University

I have learned so much from this website and the CX course. I find these courses much more informative than the official documentation. Just the difference between parameters in CX and the pitfalls of contexts and slot filling in ES was golden.

Shahrukh S

Review for Learn Dialogflow CX

My concern was that Dialogflow was complicated – too complicated for me. (As a result of buying this course, I found) a very deliberate method for making incredible conversational design-compliant bots. I learned contexts – which has been CRITICAL to my success.

VINCE W // Refined Commerce

Review for Intro to Dialogflow

Content of this course is really good. Only obstacle I can think of is price. Conversation is one of the basic element if one want to create production quality bots. This course covers the conversation design in detail. Maintaining the state using context is explained really well. Most important takeaway from this course are challenges of slot filling and using session variables. Other benefits of this course:

  • 1. Adavantages of using 1 lifespan of the context
  • 2. When not to use followup intents
  • 3. Using session veriables to maintain parameter values.

Yes, (I recommend this course). Infact i am upgrading my current subscription to Dialogflow Toolkit. Its one of the best content to learn bot development.

Satish G

Review for Dialogflow Conversation Design

Some information you gave is entirely helpful even with some Dialogflow experience in the past. You are completely right concerning the documentation offering all the different concepts at once. I have found some pretty interesting things in your examples and will dive deeper into them in the forthcoming weeks. As I still have an Udemy course on my desk I will start with it and have a look at your paid contents afterwards. Sometimes a decision seems to have been too early, but somehow you have to start. Thanks for offering lots of useful stuff about Dialogflow. That tool looks that easy when you start with it and turns to be really difficult after a number of steps. I will keep your url and offer a link on our website if you don’t mind. As you are interested in feedback, I will write you about my progress based on your articles. Up to now it has not only been a pleasure to read but also increased my knowledge in a way that I hadn’t expected. You are doing a great job.

(Continues in the next email)

It’s not that easy to find really useful information about Dialogflow. I have already faced that when I did a training concerning Dialogflow two months ago. Please, continue offering your knowledge as it is worth every minute you need for reading. BTW: We are planning the dialogues with XMind too and I always recommend using a tool like that.


Review for MBD Website

I am going thru your course bundle. It is far and away better than anything else I have used for dialogflow training. This assessment comes from someone who taught at the University of Illinois for 30 years and started a online masters degree.


Review for Core Dialogflow (now Learn Dialogflow ES)

The course is targeting programmers, but as a non programmer who works with programmers this course is perfect... it provides an overview, well explained concepts and frameworks, and not too technical to follow. As with all other courses on MBD, I find it easy to follow and understand.


Review for Dialogflow REST API v2

This course provides a great insight for non-programmers. Its easy to follow and allows a non-programmer to understand how Dialogflow can be used. It was easy to follow and work through on my own. I had a few outstanding questions, Answers were provided via consultation – all really easy to follow and clear.

The video was just what I needed to understand how to take control with webhook responses regarding input and output contexts. I did not understand the concepts before carefully watching this tutorial and what can I say – the lights came on. Well described and now I can implement this feature.


Review for Dialogflow Webhooks

This was a big help in bringing a small team up to speed on a relatively complex topic. It gets straight to the point and was an appropriate use of time. (Yes, I would recommend this course) as it was a very good value in terms of pricing and covered the material thoroughly. I was referred to this material and would do the same for others.


Review for Dialogflow Essentials

Although I have already watched several tutorial videos from other presenters on this topic, all of them excellent, I do believe that from now on I shall rely solely upon the many compilations, from beginner to advanced, which Aravind has produced.

Some are entirely free, both here on YouTube and on his Teachable channel, while others allow one to note their gratitude with a small course fee, some of which include valuable DialogFlow diagnostic tools.

He has a habit of explaining both the hows and the whys of the process in a comprehensible manner which allows me to both quickly grasp and strategize bot creation far better than most other instructors. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to go from noob to expert in DialogFlow.

Les Henderson

Review for my YouTube material and other courses

I haven’t found any other Dialogflow courses that do as good a job of covering conversational design using flowcharts. I now create an Xmind flowchart before I begin any chatbot project, and use it to iterate requirements with the client as the project progresses. The flowchart also makes a great deliverable, especially since Dialogflow doesn’t have a visual flow builder, unlike Manychat or others. Highly recommended.

Mining Business Data/Aravind was an invaluable resource in helping me learn more about Dialogflow development, and natural language processing in general. I was able to put the training to good use designing an intelligent agent that helps managers at Life Sciences companies resolve temperature and other environmental alerts via an intuitive, conversational interface. Our customers love the feature, and Aravind's expertise helped us build it quickly, while avoiding common pitfalls.

Yamini K

Take the time to learn the workflow/concepts he presents in his flowcharting tutorial. (This workflow is far superior to the approach suggested in the official DialogFlow documentation.) Using Aravind’s flowcharting approach you’ll be amazed at how quickly a functional prototype can be put together.

Steven L

Review of Dialogflow Flowcharts

By they way, i liked a lot all your previous courses. I work at a Spain´s #1 insurance company and we developed a bot last year with Dialogflow. I am the head of Digital and found a lot of useful information through your courses.

You can check our case here:

If you want a testimonial, count on it.

Juan L

I have got huge value out of the strategy service, and will be buying it again as I run down my balance of hours. Aravind is the most knowledgeable Dialogflow resource I know, and has never failed to give great advice on how we can achieve our goals. Aravind is both knowledgeable about Dialogflow, and an accomplished programmer. This gives him an incredibly useful perspective and helps us to get to solutions quickly. [The service is] Very timely, very up to date on changes. Dialogflow is changing quickly so it is great to have someone who is this close to what’s going on. I already have recommended Mining Business Data and Aravind to a number of friends & colleagues.

HUGH S // Startup CEO

Review for Strategy Service

Really enjoying the courses – you have worked very hard to dig out functionality and make it clear for the viewer.

Review for Dialogflow Toolkit

This course has enabled me to implement and design an efficient chatbot for my firm. All the design techniques and methods explained are easy to understand and implement, even if you are new to this world. I absolutely recommend signing up for this course!


Review for Intro to Dialogflow

With the information from this course we were able to set up our own dialogflow chatbot


Review for Intro to Dialogflow

At first, I was wondering whether the course would be in-depth enough. After watching Aravind’s free content on YouTube and reading his blogposts on, I was convinced that it would be worthwhile. Aravind shared several strategies that are not documented in the official Dialogflow documentation. These tips proved very helpful during development, and inspired me to discover and experiment with other undocumented methods to maximize the features of Dialogflow. Aravind’s views on contexts were especially helpful when starting out with Dialogflow.

I’d say this is the most complete course on Dialogflow I’ve come across. If you’re even remotely interested in chatbots or voice ui, his courses are absolutely worth the investment. Combined with the blogposts on, and the links to Firebase tutorials, you’re good to go! Chatbot use and Voice UI is growing rapidly and Aravind’s courses will keep you ahead of the crowd.

JAAKKO K // IT Consultant

Review for Dialogflow Essentials

This is a great course for anyone who is interested in Conversation Design. It is easy to understand, Aravind does a great job in explaining best practices and tips to make human-centred conversations through Dialogflow. Will recommend to my friends and colleagues.


Review for Dialogflow Conversation Design

Side bar – your tutorial is the first I came across that has taken a functional approach to explain concepts. thank you.


Review for Dialogflow Building Blocks

Crystal-Clear Explanations of how DialogFlow works.


Review for Dialogflow Building Blocks

This was the course that helped me fully understand contexts and everything I could do with them. I am now creating much more powerful bots for my clients because of this course. I only used a small fraction of Dialogflow until I took this course. Clients and other bot builders regularly ask “how did you do that?‘. Yes, I would recommend this course as an in-depth source to learn dialogflow.

STEPHEN G // Owner,

Review for Dialogflow Essentials

Dialogflow is something I already use in a couple of projects. However, having begun to delve deeper it is clear that it can do so much more that I currently have it doing. It was in looking to improve my knowledge of the Dialogflow that I came across your tutorials, which have already been very helpful.


Review for MBD Website

Thanks Aravind for your courses on Dialogflow. You have really helped me understand Dialogflow both the best of it and where it falls short. It has been amazing whenever I come across a problem and I search your videos and lo and behold right there will be a solution. Except for the official docs which are not really as detailed as your courses there is not much out there on Dialogflow so you have been a blessing. I can not wait for more courses please keep them coming.


Review for Dialogflow Essentials

As a non-technical user, entering content in Dialogflow was repetitive and time-consuming at best. Lather, rinse, repeat…and repeat….and repeat. Aravind’s CSV importer is a game changer. With it, you can build and store your core content in a spreadsheet or table where it is easily updated and reviewed in a commonly viewed interface. Then, when you’re ready, you can batch update or import the entire thing – saving you tons of time! Worth every penny! Highly recommended!


Review for Dialogflow CSV Importer

Thank you Aravind for this mighty little tool. This is amazing! It simply converts a ton of work hours into few seconds. It’s a life saver! Thanks again! MUHAMMAD H

Review for Dialogflow CSV Importer

Aravind’s CSV Upload tool is extremely helpful for non-coders or those more comfortable working from a spreadsheet interface to quickly create an intelligence Dialogflow bot with context.


Review for Dialogflow CSV Importer

Aravind’s courses are full of value and useful tips! I really appreciate his skills and his focus on Dialogflow!


I must admit, I hadn’t noticed that the app works on a downloaded zip of the agent, rather than directly with the agent in the Dialogflow console (perhaps I skimmed over that in the video) so if you make changes to your agent in DF, you will have to repeat the download process, not that that takes very long.

The intents are not listed in a particular order, as far as I could see (it’s not alphabetical), so scrolling to the one you want may take a little effort. You can filter on contexts, but not on intent names, but you can get round this by putting the intent name in the global search. UPDATE: The intents are now alphabetical. Follow-up intents still aren’t though, so you’ll have to use numbering in the name to achieve this.

There are may pluses though, so I encourage you to buy it and help fund further development. For example, I have intents with many, many trained phrases. In DF I can only view these a short page at a time and have to wait for the next page to load. Here I can see all of them in one long list. Being able to see the related input and output contexts is very useful; I can’t imagine why this isn’t built into DF! MBD is one step ahead of them here.


Review for Dialogflow Navigator

I started going through your articles since last 2-3 months. At first I happened to come across one of your article as part of Google Search and that lead me to your web site, where i found few more articles which were very interesting providing quality content specifically about Dialogflow.

After reading few articles, i subscribed to your articles through and eventually i came to know that you are offering course bundles. So i spend some time to figure out what is the best and optimal way to buy the course material. But just around black friday ( few weeks back) i got a promotional offer to buy the Dialogflow Toolkit course and i just grabbed it without any second thought. So, there absolutely ZERO hesitation or second thought in buying the bundle let alone preventing me from buying it.

SAIBABU M // Director, Prefer2Watch

Review for Dialogflow Toolkit

1. Good intro to DialogFlow.

2. Bot Generators software is worth the price of the bundle alone.
3. Good overview on extending DF built-in functionality by using the API.

Yes (I would recommend this bundle). I found individual courses like Dialogflow Blackholes was worth the price of the entire bundle.

MICHAEL G // Creative Director, Wonderthing

Review for Core Dialogflow (now Learn Dialogflow ES)